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Creality Fast Resin UV Curable Resin 1lt Transparent

Creality Fast Resin UV Curable Resin 1lt Transparent

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Faster printing speed ,Quick curing and excellent fluidity Sturdy model , Good flexibility and rigidity Keep Precision While Keeping Ultra-high Speed.

High printing success rate Low shrinkage rate & heat release low odor, easy to clean

Wide Compatibility.

About the item

  • UP to 170MM/H HIGH-SPEED PRINTING - Creality 3D Printer Resin is specially formulated for faster printing speed and excellent fluidity, resulting in quicker curing. When used with HALOT-MAGE PRO, printing speed can reach up to 170mm/h, providing a more efficient printing experience.
  • LOW ODOR, EASY to CLEAN - Creality 3D Resin produces low odor during the printing process, and the printed models can be easily cleaned with alcohol, providing a better user experience.
  • HIGH PRECISION - Creality Fast resin is a type of resin that provides strength and durability to printed models. It has a good balance of flexibility and rigidity, which results in cured printed parts that exhibit excellent impact strength and high mechanical performance.
  • LOW SHRINKAGE - During the resin curing process, Creality Fast resin exhibits low shrinkage, low heat generation, and high film stability. This results in a lighter pulling force and makes it more suitable for high-speed printing, which in turn increases the success rate of printing.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY & LEAK-PROOF PACKAGE - Creality 3D Printer Liquid is compatible with Creality high-speed printers and other brands of 3D printers. It is packaged in a resin bottle with a heat-sealed bag to prevent leakage during transportation.
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