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SA Filament PLA Premium Green Glow In The Dark

SA Filament PLA Premium Green Glow In The Dark

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SA Filament PREMIUM is focused on bringing world class filament to everyone without breaking the bank. Our PREMIUM formula with increased layer adhesion, better accuracy and incredible quality makes this not only the best filament to work with but brings out the best in what your printer can do. SA Filament PLA PREMIUM is easily recognizable with our unique transparent spool giving it the look and feel of that matches the quality.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable (under the correct conditions) thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. It is one of the most popular bioplastics, used for many applications ranging from plastic cups to medical implants. PLA in its raw form is also FDA and
 EU commission regulation approved as Food Contact Safe.

Print Temperature: 200 – 230°C, dependent on printer model
Heat Bed temperature: 0 – 60°C
Fan speed / Cooling: 100%
500 gram net weight
Accurate diameter of 1.75mm with a tolerance of ± 0.05mm
Spool Size: diameter 200mm, inner hub 58mm & Width 55mm 
Vacuum bagged and packaged in card board box

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