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FIL X SBS Lemon Yellow 1.75mm 1kg

FIL X SBS Lemon Yellow 1.75mm 1kg

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SBS (Styrene-butadiene-styrene) has the unique properties of being both tough and flexible at the same time, thanks to its Polystyrene origin lending it a hard, tough consistency and the Polybutadiene giving it a bit more bounce with its rubbery properties.

This powerhouse combination offers, apart from good layer adhesion, no odour during printing and does not absorb moisture. Furthermore, it has been FDA and EU directive approved for food contact.

Fil X SBS filament is very easy to print with on a glass bed with some hairspray for better bed adhesion and best of all can be smoothed with d-limonene (also available from Fil X!) leaving you with a stunning finished product.


1kg filament spools


Fil X SBS 1kg rolls are 424 m in length


Fil X recommends a Nozzle Temperature of 215– 230°C

And a Bed temperature of 70°C (with some hairspray for great adhesion)

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