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SA Filament

SA Filament PRO CPE+ Black

SA Filament PRO CPE+ Black

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SA Filament PRO range is specifically developed using a combination of PLA, ABS and CPE, also known as PET or UPET, is an extremely strong, high temperature filament. CPEs (co-polyesters) are very strong and versatile materials with growing popularity in filament form for FDM 3D printing. As printing material, CPE is highly durable, creating prints with high strength and intricate detailing. In addition, its layer adhesion is excellent with minimal warpage and shrinking. CPE has a wide range of possible applications due to being FDA-approved for packaging in the food and medical industries.​

SA Filament PRO CPE+ is a High Strength Low printing temperature(Similar to PETG) Polymer blend with the following benefits:
  • Environmentally friendly
  • UV Resistant
  • Styrene Free
  • ​Low Shrinkage
  • High Clarity
  • Melting point 230 degrees and a
  • Heat Deflection Temperature of 94 degrees Celsius
​Print Settings
  • Print Temperature: 235 – 265°C, dependent on printer model
  • Heat Bed temperature: 75 – 100°C​
  • Fan speed: 0 - 50%
  • 1Kg net weight
  • 1.5Kg shipping weight
  • Accurate diameter of 1.75mm with a tolerance of ± 0.05mm
  • Spool Size: diameter 200mm, inner hub 58mm & Width 55mm 
  • Vacuum bagged and packaged in card board box
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